Asia’s leader in Mobile Engagement for Retail

Sprooki provides Asia Pacific’s largest malls and retailers with a location-based mobile engagement platform they can use on a daily basis to engage with mobile consumers and win more customers where and when they choose to shop.

We are all connected. All the time. And will become even more so. Today’s connected consumer expects more from the brands they love than simply “mobile optimised”. They expect to be engaged in more intelligent and relevant ways and within the context of their current location and situation.

Our mission is to provide a world-class platform to retail sector clients, giving them access to the latest mobile marketing technologies.

Our difference is comprehensive ‘made for mobile’ software backed by implementation expertise and best practices, which we have gathered from working with more than 4,000 stores and 1,500 retail brands.

Our results are effective engagement strategies that truly serve customers better and deliver higher frequency and sales conversion – a demonstrable return for your business.

Why we do what we do

Connected shoppers are a unique opportunity for omnichannel retailers.

Our team

We are passionate, dedicated digital people with a unique combination of deep experience in consumer and retail marketing and technology.

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