Real-time reporting and actionable insights at scale

Understanding relationships between purchase, location and profile data is important to developing new insights among today’s connected shoppers. The challenge is making these insights actionable.

Sprooki enables you to collect opt-in, personalised shopper data as well as understand the effectiveness of your campaigns to drive response, store visits and sales. For example, how far are your shoppers willing to travel for a 30% discount offer on shoes?

Beyond insights, Sprooki integrates a predictive recommendation engine that delivers campaign and product recommendations for each customer. These recommendations power personalisation and location-based alert features allowing clients to ensure the most relevant campaigns are delivered to each and every customer.

Sprooki’s platform incorporates proprietary predictive recommendations from our partner, Omnistream (an SAP solution company). Combined with Sprooki’s location-based and profile-based rules engine, Sprooki’s platform enables the prioritisation content and alerts for each individual app users at each store or mall location.

This helps to deliver a highly personalised, relevant “Amazon-like” customer experience to consumers based on their immediate situation, past behaviours and profile information at scale.

Sprooki Predictive Recommendations automatically recommend the type of campaign content and sets alerts for each individual consumer, without any human interventions. It anticipates what each mobile consumer will most likely respond positively to for each location or store that they visit, allowing clients to engage in truly personalised, intelligent and relevant ways, without hiring a team of sales associates or data scientists.

Benefits of the Sprooki Predictive Analytics:

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    More personalised, relevant engagement – less is more approach

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    Improved response rates and sales conversion rates among app users

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    Automated alert and content prioritisation with no need for manual administration, analysis or scheduling

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    Ability to manage location-based and beacon-based messaging at scale without risk of over-engaging your shoppers

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    Less likelihood of app user or member churn/ uninstalls


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